Thursday, February 6, 2020

Life Goes On

Yeah I know it's been forever since I posted anything, but some things have happened recently that I want to write about.

First of all my wife and I made a major life changing thing. We moved. And not just down the street but hundreds of miles. We moved from the suburbs of Chicago to western Michigan. The reasons I won't go into detail but we are much happier now. We saw it as a fresh start.

Second, because of this fresh start, I see it as an opportunity to further my life's journey as being trans. As soon as I'm able to get insurance with my new job I want to look into getting therapy and hopefully starting my transition. It is something that eats at me constantly. I am so thankful for the support my wife gives me.

Third, I did something recently that really reassured me wanting to be a woman and also gave me a huge confidence booster. I sorta crossdressed and went out. With my wife's pushing (and alcohol), I wore a leather skirt with killer biomechanical leggings and knee high platform patent leather boots to a concert last week. I was so scared but at the same time so excited. I had so much fun in expressing myself. Granted it was a Korn show and anybody that said anything said it was a killer kilt. But I knew the truth and it was amazing. I so want to do it again and I want to go out dressed further. I need to for myself.

I'm slowly overcoming my fears of being trans and being open about it. I cannot say enough about the support my wife has given me. She has given me a strength and confidence in myself I never knew I had. She encourages me to be myself and she knows my true self. So much so she has me in her phone contacts listed with my female name. I love her so much.

So life continues on. I have many goals in life right now but the biggest one is that one day I can truly call myself a woman. And I at least think I'm on the right path to that.

P.S. To Dee
Sorry for the late reply. But I did not get to see Slayer on their retirement tour. I wanted to but couldn't afford it at the time. But I've seen Slayer so many times it's okay. Seen Behemoth around 10 times, they are killer live. Once got covered in fake blood at a Behemoth show. So cool. Thanks for checking up on me. Stay metal sister \m/

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  1. I decided to check with you .. had a feeling you were going to post soon. Not sure why, but I'm glad I did!

    Nice to hear that your path continues. I wasn't sure how far along you were. Probably not as far as you'd LIKE to be, but not having setbacks is a positive too! And of course, your wonderful wife is probably the best thing you could ever hope for!

    Horns and Halos to you! Don't be shy if you ever want to drop in on my blog or to shoot me an email!