Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Heart Aches, but My Hair Smells Nice

There has been much pain in my heart lately. So much of my dreams rely on finding a source of income that would allow me to further myself. The problem is the job market where I live is not offering much. I have been searching, but so far, nothing.

Its not only the fact that my dreams are still on hold that is getting to me, its winter. Winter as a whole, I do not like. Snow can beautiful but that's it. The cold, bitter winds, and lack of green life make the Earth seem in a death like state. The trees reduced to skeletons as their leafy flesh is stripped away from the cold. The green grass and wondrous flowers have lost their luster and have been buried under the blankets of nature's own white death. The animals have all gone away in search of places where life still exists. Winter is cold, reminiscent of death. Winter puts me in a morbid mood. I'm tired of this season. I yearn to see green and life once again.

Perhaps someday I'll move to a place that does not see such harsh winters. The future is an amazing thing, sometimes it's unfortunate that today has to come before tomorrow.

I suppose a positive is that my hair does in fact smell nice. I tried a different conditioner. A girl I work with suggested it to me. She said she uses it and loves it and said it might help to tame my wild hair. I must say that it has helped. My hair is not as frizzy and seems to be softer. I have also noticed less knots in my hair too. I think I'm going to stick with this conditioner because I have definitely noticed an improvement in my hair's appearance. The conditioner I'm using now is Pantene. I would recommend it for sure.

I just wish spring would hurry up and get here.