Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm not Gone

Well it feels like I've dropped completely off the TG world. I mean I have not made a new caption in what seems like forever, it's been over a month since I posted anything here, and the chat and forums I'm usually on, I don't go to much anymore. So what's the deal? What's going on with me?

Well to be completely honest, I've just felt out of it. Normal everyday life has just gotten me worn out. I think I need a vacation from work. lol But seriously, the reason I've not been around much is because I've got a lot going on right now and I just don't feel like talking and bringing my problems or trails in life to the feet of others. I'm very independent, my friends know this lol, I ask for help only as a last option when I can't figure it out myself. But the things I've got going on right now are things that I alone have to deal with.

It's nothing bad I don't think. Work is wearing on me. I try to avoid the stress involved with it, but sometimes it's quite impossible in order to do your job and do it the right way. Although it seems more and more that my job is just not working out. It's not what I want to do or deal with. Fortunately I feel that my time at this particular job is closing in on it's end.

Yeah, I'm going back to college. Taking a summer online course right now. Which is another reason why I have not been around. Dealing with getting this set up, and now the course work. But for now, I'm just focusing on getting my Associates Degree. Which if all goes well I'll have it in August. :) Depending on where I go from there, career wise, I may or may not continue to work to get my Bachelors Degree.

So as I think about it, things do seem to be turning toward a positive direction in my life. Changes are still taking place within me and with my life, which back in May I thought my life was headed in a changing direction. :) Although for the time being, until I finish this course, I'm sorta putting things tied to TG and exploring/understanding it more, on hold. I need to focus on getting a degree right now. I feel it is the most important thing I can do right now.

So with all that, I should expect to be back with updates more often, and be around more in August. So until then, kisses to all. :)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some work and studying to do for this online course. :)

Thoughts, questions, comments? Post 'em below or feel free to send me an email. :)