Sunday, August 4, 2013

An Update

Hey all out there in blog-land. I just want to let all of you know (at least those who are interested or who have followed me in the past), that I am fine and doing alright. My absence was brought on by several personal issues that I needed to deal with and my attention was focused on them. Mainly the illness and passing of my mother several months back. That was very hard for me because I looked up to her and her very being gave me much of my strength. She was a person who was a very instrumental part of my life, and to see what she went though, and then to lose her, was a great blow to me. If you have ever had a loved one go through cancer, you know how I feel. Fortunately I have several very good friends who stood by my side through it all, and it was because of their love and care that I had the strength to weather this storm.

I am not gone, I have not forgotten about the online tg community, and I certainly have not changed any of my thoughts on my true self in life (that of a woman and not of a man). I have just found it hard to express myself, perhaps a writers block if you will, over the past several months. I have been trying to get over it, but I make no promises. Although I do miss being apart of things.

In the end, life will find a way. That is my hope for now.


  1. Hey Isobelle, good to see you around :)

    I'm sorry about your mother, you must be going through hard moments. I did have some familiars who died of cancer and it's a terrible experience indeed. In fact my father's cousin died from a complicated one leading to metastasis... Terrible, and it was last month. This supposed a huge blow... and well let's not talk about that, its painful.

    How are you doing? Are you planning on going back into capping? Me. I'm finishing some caps and taking "a long vacation from Alectra", maybe some months or perhaps a year. I'm finding kind of meh what I write lately and even less able to read caps and enjoy them.

    Anyway glad to see you posting around ;)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. welcome back hun, and very sorry about your mother, huggggg, we have not forgotten you and we do miss you. take your time hun and everything will work out. so looking forward to our chats again when you feel up to it, you know i'm always here for you girlfriend, hugs. be here waiting when your ready. your friend always, Sedra.

  3. Thank you Alectra. I am doing well. Right now I do not know if I will return to making captions or not. I would certainly love to but right now I'm not feeling very inspired to to so. Sometimes vacations are good and needed. :)

    Thank you Sedra. :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your mom. I lost mine to cancer when I was 23. I certainly know where you're head space has probably been.

    I am glad that you are doing OK. I wondered about you from time to time as people in TG tend to vanish quite often and only sometimes come back.