Friday, August 28, 2020

Moving Foreword

   So I'm writing this post because yet another major change has happened in my life. I got a new job and the wife and I have gotten a place of own now after about a year of moving transitioning. 

   It all happened so fast. Within one week I got a great new job and we found a place of our own. We had previously been living at a family member's house, which sucked for me because I could not be myself.

   But all that is in the past now. The company I now work for is the blessing I've been needing. They are among the best trans friendly companies to work for. The big pay increase doesn't hurt either lol. But they offer insurance that helps cover everything trans related. I'm almost crying because I can't believe it to be true. 

   Things are looking up and once all this virus bullshit goes away I fully intend on getting into therapy and seeing what's next on my journey (they are only offering tele visits right now, which I hate). I also plan on looking into local trans support groups here and attending some meetings. 

   I am very positive about the future right now and like I said, almost in tears at the fact that I may actually be able to fulfill my dream, my desire, my need, to be who I truly am. 


  1. hey girl good to see your still around. hope you remember who I am, love to chat and get caught up hugs and good to see your doing well Sedra

  2. Of course I remember you Sedra! I would love to chat and get caught up with you.

  3. So glad you are doing well! Hope to hear from you again at some point soon!